Founding Story

Beginning in 1996, AdspaceUSA (then known as FCE Consultants) was founded by Geri Mahler out of a necessity to work close to home and a passion for supporting local schools and businesses. It all started with local high school athletic posters.

After 3 years of success, AdSpaceUSA grew and was able to hire its first graphic designer. An internship program was then established, leading to participation in the Senior Service Learning Program.

To this day, AdSpaceUSA provides local high school students with direct experience and education they need to enter the marketing and design fields. In the wake of 9/11, Ross Mahler, Geri’s husband, left his job and joined his partner. This helped AdSpaceUSA to grow further and gave the company an opportunity bring in a more comprehensive sales staff.

In the wake of 9/11, Ross Mahler, Geri’s husband, left his job and joined his partner. This helped AdSpaceUSA to grow further and gave the company an opportunity bring in a more comprehensive sales staff.

Building on the momentum of the previous years, it only made sense to grow the company even further. An in-house press and pressman joined the team and allowed AdSpaceUSA to assure the quality of its products as well as expedite the printing process.

The ongoing challenges with the U.S. economy left many business owners facing the possibility of closing. AdSpaceUSA adapted to these challenges by bringing something new “to the table”. In 2008, AdSpaceUSA dove further into the surrounding communities by providing placemats to local restaurants, diners, cafes and pizzerias. These placemats were a life raft to local business & gave them the ability to generate new clientele.

In response to the growing demand for product, AdSpaceUSA decided it was time to add coffee mugs to their repertoire. These coffee mugs also carried the support of local businesses and shot off like a bolt of lightning.

But what to do with those mugs after they’ve served their initial purpose?
AdSpaceUSA sought another avenue of community outreach! To avoid wasting perfectly good coffee mugs, AdSpaceUSA began donating them to Home of the Brave, an organization that is close to the hearts of everyone who works at AdSpaceUSA.

Along with monetary donations, AdSpaceUSA gives these mugs to veterans who have gone through PTSD recovery programs. It may not seem like much, but to a veteran entering the workforce again, these mugs are a touchstone of how far they have come and the endless possibilities that await them.

AdSpaceUSA recognized our client’s growing need for assistance with their internet presence. AdSpaceUSA trained up and added website development, reputation management, social media management, google support, SEO and SEM to our repertoire.

We also needed a therapy dog, So Lucy Mahler joined the team!

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Faced with a whole new set of challenges as a result of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, AdSpaceUSA had to adapt again. After some intense brainstorming and a few sleepless nights, the team decided to add take-out menus to AdspaceUSA's product list.

This enabled our partners and clients to weather the storm and emerge from 2020 with the shirt on their back. With ads entering homes on menus and those menus encouraging guests to order to-go, the AdSpaceUSA team was once again able thrive in the midst of another global paradigm shift.

Today, AdSpaceUSA has extended its reach to several states in the Northeast and assists clients all over New England with print advertisement & digital asset management. AdSpaceUSA thrives in a culture of flexibility, resilience, and determination. What started as a young mother's necessity for work/life balance, has flourished into an ever growing and expanding vehicle for business owners to thrive in a continually shifting consumer landscape.

Our Team


Community Outreach


Product & Services Development


Sales Project Manager


Senior Sales Associate
Digital Marketing Sales Strategist


Senior Sales
& Territory Development Manager


Senior Lead Manager


Senior Lead Associate


Digital Marketing & Graphics Manager


Marketing and Graphics Associate


Senior Pressman & Production Manager


Senior Pressman and Production Strategist


Distribution Associate


Distribution Associate


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