Potential Clients Need Time to Digest

Author: Eric Murphy

Marketplace Secrets with AdSpaceUSA

The world of marketing can be a really scary place, especially for a small business. Siphoning ad dollars through Facebook for clicks and impressions isn’t yielding the same results as they once did. Tiktok appears to be the next frontier for most businesses but unless you are (or can hire) a professional influencer or marketing manager, you might not get much out of promoting your plumbing, painting or septic pumping services on a video app like that. We are all at the mercy of algorithms, artificial intelligence and corporate influence, so promoting your business can feel daunting and confusing. Though AdSpaceUSA can help you understand all of those things, we pride ourselves on our print advertising. You might think that everything is moving to digital but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Digital has its place in the world but advertising in print can be far more effective than the main stream media has lead you to believe. Advertising online can be very helpful when your offer is something that people can buy on a whim but when someone is considering their choices in roofing, plumbing, excavation, home improvement etc. they need time to digest the information and consider carefully. That’s where we come in. When you advertise on our placemats, menus or mugs you are giving your potential clients time in front of your ad. That time is crucial for them to become familiar with your brand, especially if they are regulars at the location. If the client trusts the restaurant then the ads that are placed at that restaurant become just as familiar as the staff, menu or anything else they grow comfortable with. Comfort is a highly underutilized marketing tactic.

When people become familiar and comfortable with a brand by repeated exposure they are far more likely to purchase services from those companies. Just look at Cocacola, Apple, McDonalds, Starbucks and Disney, who are all default companies for millions of people due to familiarity and repeated exposure. Though you may not have the billions of dollars to spend on Youtube commercials and pop-up ads, you can spend a little money with us and gain familiarity in the place it matters most, your local community.

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